Alpenglow Building + Design specialize in highly energy-efficient buildings in the residential and commercial scope. We have a fresh approach of implementing modern technology through innovative means. This focus combined with a true design/build model equals an new experience for clients looking to build or develop.

We take our role of aesthetic stewards seriously and implement a personalized approach to every project.

Passive House (PH) has been an exciting aspect or our services in the southwest and beyond for the last 5 years and our previous experience has helped to implement and expand on this cutting edge design. We offer 3D modeling for all projects, stress the importance of budgets from the start and manage the field for success to the end.

Michael Carrier
Michael Carrier
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Michael Carrier

Founder, Principle Architectural Designer, PH Consultant/Builder

Michael is trained in the field of design with both a B.A. and M.A. in Architecture from Montana State University. Michael apprenticed in firms and job sites throughout Wyoming and Colorado, working on an array of projects with styles ranging from modern to rustic to bizarre. Realizing the efficiency of combining the architectural and building trades, Michael explored hands-on building for several years and Alpenglow Building + Design Inc. emerged out of this experience and marketed itself as a firm to design, build and manage projects from start to finish, providing more control and consistency to the client. Custom homes are envisioned and constructed with reclaimed and local materials and energy efficient technology. The design utilizes the attributes of a site to take full advantage of solar potential, views, privacy and site specific magic. The spaces themselves are cozy, warm and inspirational places to be. All materials are utilized to bring out their full range of character, specific to the project at and client program at hand.

Woodworking has been an integral part of Alpenglow Building + Design from the beginning. Love and respect for this natural resource shines through in each and every project from kitchens remodels to unique, challenging pieces of furniture. Being such a versatile and warm material, wood enriches our lives with its character and personality. Our woodwork addresses the client's’ functional needs as well as showcasing the material’s inherent beauty.

Today Alpenglow Building + Design works with clients to bring dreams into reality through beautiful design, obtainable technology, and a strong team-led approach that results in high-performance buildings, successful results and honest budgets.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

~Leonardo Da Vinci

Jed Sanford
Jed Sanford

Jed Sanford

Jed Sanford is Alpenglow’s resident BIM designer. He is a Colorado local who has lived in La Plata County since he was a child. His father was a timber framer and construction worker and he has an extensive background in construction and woodworking. His most recent personal project was the design and construction of a tiny house, which he sold in 2016.

As a BIM draftsman, he has experience in a variety of construction techniques, including designing and drawing strawbale houses, steel, timber framing, and conventional framing. He has worked both commercial and residential. The passion he finds in his job centers around reconciling the aesthetic with the practical. His goal is always to produce the perfect house, both in its style and use, and recognizes that practicality and taste can differ from client to client. As such, communication and collaboration with the clients are a key to his job. Increasingly, energy efficiency is also factoring into design and construction techniques, and he is enthusiastic about the Alpenglow vision for passive structures. Jed currently spends hours a week in the field making sure the Design/Build approach is working for all team members.