3D Modeling

Utilizing modeling software is essential to the process. We model the site terrain, walls, roofs and anything that affects the architecture of the structure. This software allows you to interact with the space in any way imaginable before completed documents are prepared. Sun/shade studies, seasonal variations and real time data can be looked at. We can make design changes in place with materials, layout or volume variations in seconds. This helps everyone involved to make informed decisions.

Energy Modeling

We also use software to model the performance of the wall, roof and floor assemblies to be used in any project. We calculate R-values, thermal bridging, moisture control and look at heat loss thoroughly.

From here, we optimize the assemblies to reduce energy demand, or needs of the building. This can be done instantly and used as a design tool during the schematic design phase.

We explore the best value of insulation in wall cavities, under slab and in the roof assembly. These values change in real time and a decision is reached based on budget, value and the project program. In the end, we have real numbers that translate into how much the building will cost to condition over a year. The value of this process and the associated data is essential to make an informed decision for a building program.

3D/Energy Software Modeling
3D/Energy Software Modeling